I have been dabbling with HP Thin Client T5710 computers for some time now with the default XPe but since that is no longer supported I have decided to switch to one of the Puppy Linux distros which are designed for older low end computers.

Currently I am trying the Slako 5.7 distro. I found that the printer driver package (http://pantum.com to locate current linux driver archieved package for the 2502 printer) for my new laser printer the Pantum 2502W broke the distro when I tried to simply click on the .deb driver install package. Actually clicking on the install.sh opens up the install window ask has a check box to accept the software but then when you click on OK it appears to do nothing more.

Packages can also be installed by clicking on the .deb file and be installed but in my case clicking on the i386 version of the .deb blew up the system.

Fortunately I had an image backup of my installation on my fog server so it was easy to get back to where I was by restoring the image to the T5710.

After some head scratching I extracted the .deb file on my win7 desktop machine (using 7zip) and drilled down to the cups folder where I found the Pantum 2500W Series.ppd file and also grabbed the filter file for the Pantum 2500W series.
/usr/share/cups/model/Pantum/Pantum 2500W Series.ppd

I copied these two files to the same locations onto T5710 computer
running Linux slako 5.7 (but I think this should work with most cups setups) to the same locations they were in the archive as shown above.

Cups then showed a selection for selecting the Pantum printer during installation which was not there before I added the two files.

Setup was fairly easy once I learned select AppSocket/HP jetDirect as the type and use on the socket://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is ip address of my Pantum printer. I use my router to assign a fixed ip to the printer's mac address. 

Voila my printer now works.



    Retired from NASA now keeping my brain functioning dabbling with IT.


    April 2015